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About Us

Lighting magazine: Illumination in Architecture

10 Jill EntwistleLighting (Illumination in Architecture) is unlike any lighting publication that has gone before.

The discipline of lighting design has matured, grown, broadened and redefined itself. It has now become an intrinsic and essential part of the architectural design process. The magazine reflects this progression, recognising that the architects and professional lighting designers who form its core readership are looking for more than a catalogue of case studies and products. The design conversation has moved on and Lighting is the next step.

Practioners and architects need both innovation and inspiration. We look to the past and to the future to find that insight, unearthing both old wisdom and fresh thinking, bringing a new depth of understanding to this most important aspect of design.Our curators, leading architects and lighting designers from the UK, Europe, the US and Asia, inform and advise us on all aspects of content.

Like our readership, we care about creativity and the highest quality. We like to surprise and delight our design-conscious readers – with beautiful paper (two, sometimes more, different kinds), exquisite visuals, unexpected fold-out pages, unusual, sometimes experimental printing techniques.

Distributed in both the UK and New York (and to more than 20,000 readers worldwide in its digital version), Lighting has a highly discerning design audience. As our like-minded advertising partners have discovered.

Jill Entwistle, Executive Editor